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Based on our learnings, we decided to launch, based on the same innovative One Shape® manufacturing process, our DAY 1 POWER® range.

The DAY 1 Power® are a variation of the DAY 1® concept in Passenger ships.

River or maritime, they aim to respond to requests for high-performance vessels designed and made to measure. For operators concerned about their operating costs, the very controlled weight and thin hulls of the DAY 1 allow the installation of propulsion with reasonable power, reducing initial investment, consumption and maintenance costs.

  • The modular dimensions of the shells make it possible to adapt to any type of travel desired, in particular related to the number of passengers.
  • Inverted bows and flat bottoms limit the effects of pitching. The hull shapes are naturally load-bearing, the effectiveness of the anti-drift plan is reinforced by the presence of chines.
  • The back of the main deck is completely clear. It is possible to install a large bench seat which gives passengers a well-protected outdoor space with a view of the ship’s wakes.
  • The engines are selected in close agreement with the shipowner: power, rating, classic or hybrid.
  • The choice of materials responds to the optimization of the investment/performance ratio.
  • Each ship is designed and equipped according to the specific regulations to which the shipowner must subscribe: NUC, Passenger Ship, local regulations.

Whether you are looking for a maritime or river catamaran, for local transport, sea trips or events, the DAY 1 Power® will meet your expectations.

Beyond these visual assets, the DAY 1 Power® is also very economical, with fuel consumption reduced by 40% compared to an aluminum vessel. You can also choose to operate more environmentally friendly with a hybrid or electric motor.


Discover our different DAY 1 Power® in the table below:


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