Day 1 Day Charter

The DAY 1 ® CATAMARAN flexible and modular

The adaptability of a Day Charter or a passenger vessel to the owner’s program is essential: the concept of DAY 1 is completely flexible and modular, from 50’ to 90’, being able to accommodate from 30 to 200 passengers. For each unit, each equipment and arrangement is customized to the owner’s specific commercial exploitation, and local regulations.

The DAY 1 ® CATAMARAN family : Day Charter or Passenger

The Day 1 range consists of 2 sub families: the day charter / day trip sailing catamarans, and the passenger power catamarans.
This concept also offers an Open Cruise version: the addition of 2 to 4 double cabins allows for multiple day open cruise operation (in both private or commercial service) , in addition to the day charter operations .

The DAY 1 ® CATAMARAN built in 8 months

The manufacturing process allows  for an exceptional responsiveness. The delivery time  can be fairly short. For example, a Day 1 85’ Fly (190 passengers) is built in 8 months.

Based on innovative engineering process, Yacht Concept and its partners make it possible to propose one-off fully personalized constructions with costs similar to mass production ships.


A boat which meets customer needs

Each Day Charter operation has its own specific needs and constraints: the DAY 1 modular designs allow for a perfect adaptation to each operator request.

The DAY 1 concept is based on the main hereafter principles:

  • A one-off / custom design and construction for each unit, from 50’ to 90’
  • An up to date look, based on edge design, and a few organic shapes
  • A sharp design roof, carefully integrated to the hull and platform lines, ensuring a 360° view.
  • Performance under sail and power, thanks to strict management of structural strength and weight
  • Fine-tuned hull bodies, able to carry heavy loads positioned over the platform and appropriate to the requested number of passengers.
  • Optimised ergonomics, with ease of circulation on the passenger decks
  • Very large toilets, accessed by comfortable wide stairs, with reduced slope. Toilet for disabled on main deck is also an option.
  • Innovative and simple building process, based on vaccum bag moulding glass/polyester elements and using all last development in 3D CAD/CAM.
  • Strong building, quality manufacturing, with budgets equivalent to mass production


Day 1®: construction steps


Launch of the “Melody” –  Day 1 60.08 – May 2019

Launch of the “Anacoana III” (Day 1 85 Fly) the 2nd of May 2019

 Sea trials of the Day 1 85.13 the 6th of July 2020

Day 1 60.01

The Day 1 90′ “Bonavida’ in Rosas (Spain)

“Bonavida” by night

Day 1 85' aux Canaries

Day 1 85′ in the Canary Islands

Pont du Day 1 85' fly

Deck of the Day 1 85′ fly

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