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voile-day-1-moyenThe Day 1 Power is a variation from the Day 1 concept to Power Vessel version

Designed for river or open sea, the aim is to propose high performance and tailor made vessels. For the owners focusing on operating costs, the very control weight and the very slim hulls enable reduced propulsion power, reducing initial investment, consumption and maintenance costs.

The modular dimensions of the hulls can be adapted to any kind of vessel displacement, in close relation with passenger number.

The inverted bows and flat bottoms help to limit the pitching effects. Flat bottoms also bring good lift, and hull shines improves anti drift effect.

The back of the main deck is completely free. It is possible to add a large bench which offers to the passengers an exterior weather protected space with a very pleasant sea view.

The vessels offer two deck layout versions: single or double deck.

The engines are selected in close cooperation with the shipowner for power, rating, classic or hybrid arrangement.

The choice of the material and equipment is always made to optimize the performances/investment. ratio

Each vessel is designed and equipped according to the specific regulations that the ship owner must conform to: NUC, passenger ship, local regulations.

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