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Launched in 2015, the DAY 1® brand has become a benchmark in the market for Day Charter sailing catamarans.

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The Living Works
The hulls of each Day Charter are optimized according to each project:

very load-bearing hulls for carrying many passengers
or fine hulls for lighter vessels looking for performance
Inverted bows and flat bottoms limit the effects of pitching under sail. The hull shapes are naturally load-bearing, the effectiveness of the anti-drift plan is reinforced by the presence of chines.

The appendages are adapted to the performance desired by the shipowner: long keels, or daggerboards to improve upwind sailing, beaching quillons, propeller protection. The rudders are moved back to increase manoeuvrability.

Fittings and rigging
The aft beam can receive traditional davits, or specific equipment (platform, gangway). In its day charter version, the DAY 1s are available with 1 or 2 helm stations. The maneuvers are grouped at the helm station(s) as well as at the foot of the mast. The mainsail is defined according to the operator’s cost/performance objectives under sail: square-headed mainsail, or classic cut. Headsails are also available: classic or self-tacking jib, bowsprit for downwind sails. The choice of materials/equipment responds to the optimization of the investment/performance balance.

The deck plan
Access on board
The ergonomics of the rear skirts are meticulous in order to facilitate the movement of passengers. The bulwarks bordering the skirts are pivoting, thus transforming into a boarding bridge. These skirts also constitute wide bathing platforms. Access to the passenger deck is facilitated with no rear beam to step over.

Passenger deck
A large area is dedicated to passengers. Several configurations are possible: either the main deck is in one piece, or the deck of the hulls is raised above the main deck, creating a natural peripheral seat. Access to the foredeck is either through gangways or through openings in the forward coachroof. The net can accommodate V-beams with integrated bowsprit, or parallel beams with integrated stairs (bathing / boarding). The machine accesses are well cleared. All the furniture is à la carte, depending on the number of passengers and the level of comfort desired.

Treated like a bimini (visual lightness, tubular structure), the coachroof with adjustable dimensions provides a clear view of the water for the helmsman and passengers, for a 360° landscape. It is more or less closed on the periphery by Crystal canvases, Plexiglas or glass. Its roof is à la carte: rigid, flexible, opaque, transparent… It can also accommodate an upper deck, for passengers or crew.

The engines are selected in close agreement with the shipowner (power, rating, classic or hybrid).

Each ship is designed and equipped according to the specific regulations to which the shipowner must subscribe: NUC, Passenger Ship, local regulations.

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