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Yacht Concept is a french engineering and project management company based in la Rochelle. It has been involved for 25 years in the multihull industry, specifically in Day Charter design and building. Yacht Concept has launched a new Day Charter Catamaran range.


Yacht Concept

Nautical project management
Since 2004, Yacht Concept has developed a new concept: the yacht-building  project management associated with engineering. It means we manage your project from beginning to end, from drafting to the launch of the boat. The company is now renown for professionalism, priority given to quality, cost control and deadline respect. The cooperation developed with partners such as naval architects, equipment suppliers, engineering offices, and shipyards, enable Yacht Concept to carry on successfully projects such as:
  • One-off yacht construction
  • Modification of mass production yacht
  • Refit
Eight people work in the company managed by Laurent Da Rold. Laurent is also President of the “Atlantic Cluster”, an association which brings together all the nautical and naval companies of the "Nouvelle-Aquitaine" region.

Chantier de l’arsenal

La Rochelle shipyard
The Chantier de l’Arsenal is a joint venture between two companies passionately involved  in the common project of the reconstruction of the Hermione in Rochefort. They both believe in state-of-the-art work and men values, in accordance with historic facts. Asselin and Yacht Concept have united their skills on the basis of a unique and successful experience.
The Chantier de l’Arsenal has now extended its skills to new construction projects and refits for modern ships. This company is now in charge of DAY 1 sales.

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