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One Shape® is a revolution in the construction and design of composite ships. Our process makes it possible to build any type of custom vessel, without manufacturing a mold.

The need for a mold for composite construction leads to the exclusion of this material for all single ship constructions.

The ONE SHAPE® method allows the structure to be designed in a way that is totally geared towards optimizing the composite construction process that will be implemented. In addition, it is possible to manufacture very large flat composite panels on a single flat or marble mold. Finally, this process allows us as a manufacturer of catamarans to bend and assemble these panels together to form the hulls, bulkheads and decks of the ship.


This ONE SHAPE® process opens up many horizons for a manufacturer of composite catamarans.

This method is suitable for the following markets:

  • Unit manufacturing of all types of vessels: pleasure craft, fishing vessels, passenger ships, etc.
  • Very small series construction, for which the cost of a set of molds is too high to amortize.
  • The creation of a “family” of vessels, the size parameters of which must be varied.

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