Day 1 Day Charter

DAY 1® 60.01

BB Sea was born in 2018 and sails in the clear waters of Martinique.


DAY 1® 60.08

Melody was launched at the end of May 2019 and sails between the island of Oléron and Fort Boyard.

DAY 1® 60.14

Symphony was born in 2021 and sails off the Ile de Ré

DAY 1® 65.09

Bella Vita was launched in 2021 and sails in the idyllic setting of Corsica.

DAY 1® 65.13

Toi et moi was launched in April 2022 and is sailing in the bay of Saint-Tropez


DAY 1® 65.15

Lucile  was launched in march 2023, and sails in La Grande Motte, in France

DAY 1® 70.03

Felicita was born in 2022 and sails in the south of France in Saint Raphaël.


DAY 1® 75.11

Iladora was born in 2021 and sails in the clear waters of the Mediterranean in Saint Raphaël.

DAY 1® 85.01

Juanita Ca was launched in 2016 and left for the Canary Islands.


DAY 1® 85.09

Anacaona III was launched in 2019 and is now sailing in Spain.

DAY 1® 85.13

Seabreeza was born in 2020 and sails in the waters of Malta.

DAY 1® 90.01

Bona Vida was launched in 2018 and sails in Colombia.

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