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Day 1® 85′ fly

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Day 1® 85’ Fly Specifications

  • Overall length : 25m
  • Overall width : 11m
  • Draft : 1,50m
  • Light displacement : around 29T
  • Maximum load displacement : around 49T
  • Sail area : 205 sqm
  • Engine power : 2 x 180 hp
  • Fuel tank capacity : 2 x 800 l
  • Fresh water tanks : 600 l
  • Holding tanks : 500 l
  • Pax number : 190

voile-day-1-moyenA catamaran delivered in just 8 months

A DAY 1 85’ is launched in June 2016.

It is a large version of the concept: 190 pax day charter with a large roof and a flybridge accessible to passengers.

The project schedule is short: the order was placed in November 2015 and the boat is launched in June 2016.

The structure of the boat is approved by Bureau Veritas.

The structure is based on monolithic composite material glass/polyester resin in the loaded areas, and sandwich everywhere else, in order to reduce the weight of the boat.

The deck gear is simple and functional.

The passengers’ seats are made in a ‘lounge spirit’: far from seats in line (typical on passengers vessels), we find here free open spaces where the passengers can sit more randomly, in an open and friendly space arrangement.

The foredeck is large and offers a real relaxation space for the passengers who can enjoy the exterior spaces.

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