Day 1 Day Charter


Sensitive to environmental issues, our teams work to reduce the environmental impact through the construction of
ecological catamaran both in their manufacturing phase and during their operation.

A DAY 1® catamaran reduces the power and consumption required for propulsion by 50%.

A DAY 1® catamaran can recycle an average of 70,000 water bottles.

A DAY 1® hybrid cuts the average energy consumption per passenger by at least 5.

voile-day-1-moyen DESIGN

In essence, catamaran hulls offer less hydrodynamic resistance than monohulls.
In addition, the highly optimized composite structures of DAY 1® (sandwich structure, local carbon reinforcements) lead to significant weight savings compared to conventional aluminum construction, of the order of 30%.


In addition, the structure of DAY 1® boats is a unique innovation. It is an assembly of composite sandwich panels made by infusion on a universal flat mold. This ONE SHAPE® manufacturing method has several advantages:

  • This universal process does away with the systematic manufacture of a set of molds and counter molds for each new model. Ultimately, this method consumes a lot of materials and generates waste that is difficult to recycle.
  • The use of vacuum infusion allows for better fiber content, producing a lighter and stronger material while reducing the amount of resin used.
  • The exterior finish of composites produced in ONE SHAPE® does not require treatments with finishing plasters. As a result, it avoids the consumption of these products while eliminating this additional cost and weight.

voile-day-1-moyen LE CHOIX DES MATERIAUX

Our composite sandwich is made from main materials chosen both for their robustness and for their best ecological impact:
First, PET foam, a partially recycled and 100% recyclable material from water bottles. Its manufacturing process directly recycles all scraps and does not generate ultimate waste.
And also, fibers of natural origin for some parts of the ship.

voile-day-1-moyen EXPLOITATION

DAY 1® catamarans offer the possibility of zero emissions / zero waste in the areas where they are required to sail:

A triple hybridization

Sailing: the particularly light DAY 1® catamarans are optimized for the efficient use of the wind as the main means of propulsion.
The hybrid electric / thermal engine allows emission-free and silent navigation in protected areas. In addition, alternative energy sources such as solar panels are used extensively.

Towards zero waste

Selective sorting in dedicated compartments.
Storage of waste water (black and gray water) for treatment on land.

The Day Charter: efficient transport for sustainable mobility

Finally, our catamarans can accommodate 70 to 250 passengers depending on the model. This type of transport makes it possible to limit the frequency of daily rotations. It also reduces the impact of repeated anchorages.

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