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voile-day-1-moyenKapalouest : the precursor

Kapalouest is the precursor of the Day 1 concept.
Built in 2007 and now being operated for 8 years, this  50’ catamaran  accommodates 28 passengers and two crew members.
Its lightweight construction and its generous sail plan allow for good speed under sail, without compromising the passengers’ comfort and safety, thanks to  adapted equipment :

  • A large bimini offering good protection from ocean spray and sun
  • 900 mm handrails
  • Large and comfortable stairs in fore and aft direction to access the toilets in hulls
  • An easy access by the aft transoms thanks to integrated gangways
  • Toilets equivalent to “at home” comfort.

The conception of the boat aims to minimize the maintenance constraints for the crew and all the stations have been particularly studied :

  • Crash-box areas protect the front of the bows and the fins
  • Large engine rooms to ease the access for the engines’maintenance
  • Technical ducts, in adequate number, are an integral part ogf the boat structure
  • Near the helm station, a bar furniture with cool storage for 30 food trays and drinks
  • Passengers’ zones are designed  for ease cleaning
  • An hydraulic helm station
  • the deck arrangment is fully modular thanks to a clever fastening system of the furniture, which can be adapted quickly to the passengers’number or to the sailing program or the reception program

Kapalouest is a work boat particularly well suited to its program, the  one-day  excursion (visit the website

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